Swing Flag Details: SIZE: Approx. 26" width x 32” length SWING FEATURES: Two finger nylon loops with chain ROD: 32” acrylic rod QTY: 1 swing flag with rod Swing chain allows the flag to swing smoothly and without it wrapping around itself. The rod allows the flag to always stay open and not become flat like a curtain chain swing flag. The rod gives the swing flag weight to swing effortlessly but also allows you to use it as a regular flag when you don’t want to swing. The swing flag is so easy to use that beginning flaggers can use it immediately! We attempt to take the best pictures that we can, but your monitor settings may lighten or darken colors so please be aware that the appearance may vary. However, we hope that the colors are close enough that you decide this is the right flag for you! Each silk is hand dyed, we do make copies, but we attempt to get as close to the original in the picture as we can.  PICK YOUR OIL:We anoint all worship flags unless otherwise stated. You can choose your anointing oil that best suits your revelation for your use of the flag or we can pray and ask God to help us choose! Oils are not for sale. Learn about each oil here.

Worship Warrior

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