New to the world of worship flags? Want to keep your worship flags in good condition as you practice a dance routine or learn to use your new weapons of warfare? Our practice flag is a perfect addition to any worship flag/dancer’s artillery!
The practice flag is made of a flowing, chiffon fabric that can be used for both fast and slow flag movements. The practice flags are a safe way for a flag dancer to train to use worship flags without having to worry about damaging their more expensive flags. They are also great for older children and for adults looking for a cheaper flag to use for worship. They look great for any worship occasion!
 SIZE: Approx. 54 inches by 54 inches
White QTY: 1 flag

All Other Colors QTY: 2 flags

Please contact us before ordering any color other than white as we have to double check with our distributor to make sure it's in stock. Special request (any color besides white) colors take up to 10 days for us to get the fabric so they will have a longer wait time than the white. 

Practice Flag