All Flags come with a 30 day warranty from the order date. Within those 30 days we will fix any damage caused to the flag by shipping or anything from the stitching to the fabric that was not caused by the handler. If the damage was caused by the handler then the warranty is immediately voided and Heaven Dancer Worship Flags take no responsibility to fix or refund that set of flags. 


With the 6 month extended warranty we will extend the warranty from those 30 days starting the extended warranty on the 31st day and going out 6 months from that date. The extended warranty allows you to ship the flags back to us for repair or a new set if we cannot repair the flags as long as the damage is caused by normal use and not abuse of the flags. If the flags have shown to be mishandled or abused then the extended warranty is voided immediately and Heaven Dancer does not refund the cost of the warranty or the flags to the owner. 


If a customer does not buy the extended warranty then 30 days past the order date we will NOT do any repairs or refund any money for a damage flag. 


To make a claim you simply send us an email with the description of the problem and pictures. We will reach back to you within 48 hours with whether or not the flags should be sent back to us. If you do ship back to us, the customer is responsible for the shipping cost to us but will not have to pay the shipping cost when we send the flags back to you. Repairs or making a new set can take time, so we urge you to let us know asap if you need your flags back by a certain date, keeping in mind that we need over a week minimum for any repairs. 

6 Month Extended Warranty