Finding My Balance

Updated: Jul 26

I’ve been meaning to start up this blog for quite some time. My life is busy with working full time, activities with the dogs *cough, cough* employees, dance classes and creating flags. I also miss filming for my YouTube channel, but I just can’t do it all. I’m trying to learn balance. God has been speaking to me on this.

My father was a workaholic. There was no balance in his life and unfortunately that taught me the same. I tend to think that staying busy is what is good and not doing “work” of some sort is lazy. But I’ve about hit burn out and God is trying to help me see that even He rested – the God who does not tire, rested. So what does that mean for me? It means I can’t dive into everything all the time at maximum effort. It means understanding that maybe I miss a dance class, maybe I don’t go to every single church event, maybe I let myself watch a movie on the couch and not trying to multitask by doing dishes, laundry and fixing supper while watching said movie.

Balance is important in life, in all things. Resting is balance and I like to think of it as daily maintenance. Your car needs an oil change, spark plugs replaced, tires rotated etc. otherwise eventually it will break down and you’ll be forced to do expensive repairs. Our finite bodies needs the same.

What’s balance/daily maintenance for me? Sometimes I sit down and pray, sometimes I sit, close my eyes and do nothing just letting God talk to me or maybe I go outside and flag (when it’s not 100 degrees outside). I’ve even skipped flagging during worship and just sat in the chair because my body is worn out from the previous day's activities. I also have to give myself permission and say it's ok to rest. I'm learning that not resting is not balance.

I hope this encourages you to look at your life and ask God where you could learn to find your balance. So, what are your thoughts on balance and daily maintenance? I’d love to hear!

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