Layaway program

Desire one of our worship flags but can't afford the entire amount at once? Our layaway program may be what you are looking for!

Put your entire order on layaway and pay it off in 4 easy, small payments!

Fill out the form below to register and we will send you additional information on how to take part in our layaway program.

*No discounted items will be allowed on layaway

*Layaway is currently for United States customers only

*Layaway must be in stock items

*If you wish to have 2 of the same flag set please put it in the comment section below. (No more than 2 of the same flag set can be put on layaway without approval from us)

Sunset Red Etsy 2
Orange Fire Worship Flags 1
Gold Leaf Medallion Worship Flags 2
Amethyst Worship Flags 1
Sea Glass Worship Flags 1
Silver Star Worship Flags 1
Passion Flower Worship Flags 1
Crystal Caribbean Worship Flags 1