Frequently asked questions

What size are your flags?

Our flags are approximately 54"L x 54"W

Do I get one or two flags?

All flags are sold in a set of two flags.

How long are your rods?

Our rods are 36" long and 1/4" in diameter. Our rods are shorter in length than the flags to allow the fabric to be weighted at the end for better control and flow.

What kind of rods do you use/type of rod?

Our rods are made of a polymer material. They are like Quill (TM) rods. They are not the Ultra (TM) fiberglass rods.

How flexible are your rods?

Our rods are very bendable and can be bended in half without breaking. They are more flexible and durable than dowel, acrylic, or fiberglass rods.

What is the difference between your Celestial Shimmer and Supreme Luster flags?

Celestial Shimmers and Supreme Lusters are made with two totally different types of fabrics. Our Celestial Shimmer flags are made out of a holographic fabric while our Supreme Luster flags are made out of metallic fabric. Read the description of the flags for more information.

Is this specific flag in stock?

We are ordering or waiting to receive in more fabric for flags designated "Out of Stock". All Heaven Dancer Worship Flags are made to order. Due to the nature of our business, we can only make your flags when we receive your order. Please allow 5-15 business days for your flags to be made (Depending on how many flags are ahead of you).

Why do my flags have a material run?

Due to manufacturing processes fabric may have slight material runs. These slight runs cannot be viewed while flagging.

Where can I buy the same fabric or rods?

Sorry we do not give out that information. However, you can purchase our rods from us. Just go to the shop and buy our rods there.

What payment methods do you accept?

At Heaven Dancer we only use PayPal.

What are your return/exchange policies?

Please review our Return/Exchange Page.

What are your shipping rates?

Please view our Shipping Page for more information.

How do I track my orders?

Sign in to your registered account and you will see an Order History page. This will show you detailed information about your order.