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No woman is an island....with my trusted helpers this would have never been possible. 

Collaboration within a group is so important as it helps solve difficult problems; such as brainstorming when you have not had enough coffee and a great opportunity for the team to exchange ideas and come up with creative ways of doing things. By working together, Heaven Dancer has shipped the world over....

I’ve taken my love of dance and worship flags to a creative pursuit and hope to give back to others who love and desire to minister to God in creative ways! You can find me continuing to pursue dance at a local Christian ballet studio. If I’m not dancing I’m playing with or showing my Pembroke Welsh Corgis or riding my show horse.



Hi, I’m Tiffany! I started Heaven Dancer in 2016 as a YouTube channel to encourage, inspire and share my love for worship flags. After attending a Bethel Creative Arts Conference, the Holy Spirit inspired me to expand Heaven Dancer to a new level with worship flags and apparel.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, minoring in Biblical Studies (almost going for ordination) and a Master’s in Business Administration. I grew up loving dance and taking dance classes as a child. For 10 years I even competed in Irish dancing!

Hi, I’m Tyler! You might be surprised but I am the man behind the flags! The Holy Spirit inspired me to expand Heaven Dancer and after a bit of prayer I felt anointed to create worship flags. I took a few sewing lessons, caught on quick and the rest is HIS story!


I currently have an associate degree in Criminal Justice and I am furthering my studies by pursuing a bachelor’s. If I am not sewing flags or filming Heaven Dancer videos, you can find me at the shooting range with my friends and family. I also enjoy collecting coins and watching my fish in my many aquariums

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Quality Control & Health Welfare Supervisors

Work is good for mental health but a negative working environment can lead to not enough time for the small things, like chasing squirrels or discovering that spools of thread are great for hiding.

Exercise in daily routines are important as well. That is why they promote daily walks that include chasing each other and tying leads up, barking at every small rodent seen and making sure EVERY SHRUB is correctly watered.

In fact depression and anxiety have a significant economic impact; that is why they believe there should be a squeaky toy in every workshop.

So I came up with a new nickname for boo
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Bryce was such a good boy sitting there


Pin Cushion

Leaves us in stitches

Loves cuddles, more cuddles and long nights on the couch.


Gingerthread Girl

Crux is working hard as our ‘gingerthread’ girl; making sure that our thread is unraveled and all over the floor. Her specialty is the ‘Southern Cross’ stitch (google her name and you’ll get why).

In her spare time, Crux prefers to watch TV, singing her songs of aroooo and is training for the Boston Marathon by running laps around the shed.


Sew Soul

The heart and 'sewl' of the crew. She adds love to all the flags.

In her spare time she enjoys paper shredding, toy dismantling and stretching.


The Ensignerator

The official flag tester/seam ripper

Loves toys that squeak and squirrels that run!

Rest In Peace - October 2020