The Children Flag Worship Collection

A child’s first worship flag will always be treasured. Have your children discover the joy of worshiping with flags with our children flags. The perfect size for small hands!

Our children flags are created using the left-over pieces from our fabric bolts. This allows us to offer our children flags at an affordable, low price. However, this also means we can only offer these flags once a year and are at a limited stock. Don’t wait to purchase as we typically run out of stock really fast. 

Children flags are made with our durable, Super Flex rods so no worries about a sword fight ending with broken rods such as with wooden, acrylic or fiber glass rods.

Please note that due to the variety of piece sizes left over on bolts, the children flags may vary in size. Our size descriptions are based on the smallest size made for that color. You are guaranteed that size but may actually get a slightly larger size. Due to limited availability, we cannot take size requests. If you purchase two flags of the same color, please note they may be different in size.

Order by December 19 to receive the children flags in time for Christmas!  Perfect stocking stuffer!

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