Anointing oil descriptions

Heaven Dancer intimately believes that every worshipper is created for a purpose and their flag is a part of their anointing. We consider your ministry important and therefore we do not use a generic anointing oil that is mass produced and uses chemically derived scents. Instead, we use oils by The Scent of Heaven which use essential oils and are prophetically created.

As a part of our ministry, we pray over your flags while anointing them with a Spirit inspired oil. You can choose the oil that the Spirit imparts to you or allow us to hear from Heaven what oil should be placed upon your flags.


Read more about the various oils you can choose to anoint your flags with below.


  • Come Dance with Me: Consecrates flags to bring others into a deeper intimacy with the Lord. As we dance for the Lord we reach new levels of intimacy. 2 Samuel 6:14, Psalm 149:3-4


  • Expressive Worship: Consecrates flags to unify others to create one beautiful expression of worship. Like a dance which has rhythm, melody and harmony the body of Christ flows together to create one beautiful expression. Psalm 100


  • Healing Balm: Consecrates flags to help those in need to receive the healing already paid by Jesus on the cross. Matthew 9:35, Acts 10:30


  • Holy Fire: Consecrates flags to carry the fire of the Holy Spirit and bring others to do what is necessary to reach the next level. Matthew 3:11


  • Sword of the Spirit: Consecrates flags for use in spiritual warfare. In a spiritual sense, your flags will carry an oil that is meant to cleanse the enemy from an area or person. Ephesians 6:17, Hebrews 4:12

*Heaven Dancer does NOT sell these anointing oils. Please go to Scent of Heaven website to buy these anointing oils.