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Are you a worshipper who loves to use flags?


Are you the type that desires quality worship flags?


Or maybe you’re the kind that is looking for unique worship flag fabrics that isn’t the same ol’, same ol’? And don’t you just love glitter and shine?


If you are looking for the high-quality worship flags with that glitter and luster that catches the church sanctuary lights then you’re at the right place.


Heaven Dancer creates luxurious worship flags that come in many different colors and fabrics with the strongest and most flexible rods on the market!


When you hold your flags, your mouth will drop! You might just find new and creative ways to praise our King Jesus!


Remember that time at the worship conference? Yeah, our Celestial Shimmer line will make your flag team stand out!

When you worship with our worship flags, you’ll see how our flags flow differently and the quality they possess.


We believe worship flags should be durable, unique and beautiful all at the same time!


And that's what we bring you.


At Heaven Dancer we try our hardest to make sure your flags are constructed with the most beautiful fabrics we can find. We promise that when you receive your worship flags in person, you’ll be counting down the days to use them for your next worship set at church!


Heaven Dancer Worship Flags only creates worship flags that we ourselves would be happy with. We want to inspire your creativity with Jesus and that’s why we do what we do!