Orange Fire Worship Flags 1
Stargazer Lily Fuchsia Pink Worship Flag
Practice White Worship Flag 2
Lemon Yellow Organza Worship Flags 2
Sea Glass
Royal Diadem Purple Worship Flags 1
Gold Leaf
Sunset Red Etsy 2
Silver Star
Worship Flag Bag 2
Sweatshirt (Maroon)
Studio Rods
Solid Color Streamer

Solid Color Streamer

Crystal Caribbean

Crystal Caribbean



Worship dancing is a liturgical or spiritual dance that incorporates music and movement as a form of worship rather than an expression of art or as entertainment. Worship dancers use their bodies to express the word and spirit of God. Our handmade worship flags are perfect for the discriminating standard bearer who is looking for something different to add to their collection. All of our flags are handmade by us in Texas, USA. Thank you for supporting our ministry; 10% of all purchases go to Evangelistic ministries such as Travel the Road. 

Cathleen G. Review 3.26_edited.jpg

"I love the flow and feel of these so much! Lightweight and beautiful! The fabric shines and gives so many beautiful imagines throughout the dance and video and pictures! His light shines throughout them!!!